Sep 272008

Windows by default uses a 12 hour time format to display the time on the taskbar. For those who want to change it to 24 hour time format, you will find that there is no option for you to do so in the Right click->Adjust Date/Time menu.

To change the time to 24 hour time format, follow this procedure

Go to Control Panel (Start->Control Panel) and select Regional and Language Option.

Under the Regional Options tab, click on the Customize button.


Now click on Time Tab Under the Time format field, click on the dropdown box and select “H:mm:ss”. If you want it to display leading zero, select “HH:mm:ss”.


Click OK to close all the windows. That’s it. Your clock should be in 24 hour time format now.

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  7 Responses to “Change The Displayed Time to 24 Hour Format In XP”

  1. Thank you – very useful information (this issue was bugging me since last month, but now it solved) :)

  2. excellent help…!!!

  3. Yeah… viruses messed up my regional settings & time settings to 24 hours, thanks :)

    Mr F. Wiskers

  4. I keep getting an error saying:
    “One or more of the characters you typed in this field are invalid. Try typing different characters.”
    I have tried multiple times and do exactly as the instructions say, but keep getting the same error.

  5. This is the comment that I get when I try that.

    one or more characters you typed in this field are invalid

    Is there a registry setting that I can use to change the format?

    I am in Australia so do not know if the following link is for my country or another.


  6. Thank you so much :)))

  7. finally a working information on net !!!

    thanks …

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