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AutoRun is a feature of the Windows operating system that causes a certain file to open or a certain program to run automatically as soon as a compact disc (CD) is inserted into the CD drive. The action taken is determined by a file called AUTORUN.INF. If the file to be opened is a music or multimedia file, the feature is called AutoPlay.

If there is no AUTORUN.INF file on an enhanced CD containing data files as well as music or multimedia files, a computer with Windows will normally start playing the music or multimedia as soon as the CD is inserted. If there is an AUTORUN.INF file on the CD, the computer follows the instructions contained in it. It is possible to disable the AutoPlay feature for music or multimedia files, or to enable it if it has been previously disabled.

If you want to disable autoplay feature of CD’s/DVD’s follow these steps

Method 1

Download Microsoft TweakUI tool from here

Install TweakUI and Run TweakUI from Start menu—> All programs—>Powertoys for Windows XP—>Tweak UI

Expand the My Computer menu by clicking on the left of My Computer —> Autoplay—>Drives and deselect the optical drives on your computer. To do this, click on the checkbox so that the checkmark goes away.

Select the Types Menu under Autoplay and deselect the Enable Autoplay for CD and DVD Drives option.

Method 2

Click Start, Run and enter GPEDIT.MSC ,

Go to Computer Configuration—>Administrative Templates—>System Locate the entry for Turn autoplay off on your right pane

You need to double click on that entry and the default is the Not configured . Set it to Enabled for all devices and click on ok

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  1. Could you explain why microsoft removed that option in xp service pack 3? and how to do it in xp sp3

  2. its so use full & easy way to understand.

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