Jan 302008

The Quick Launch bar is a list of shortcuts to your favorite programs. You can use the Quick Launch bar to open programs with a single click, without having to go through the Start menu. Microsoft Windows XP displays the Quick Launch bar by default.

If you have disabled your Quick Launch bar, you can display it by right-clicking your taskbar, clicking Toolbars, and then clicking Quick Launch.

Windows XP displays the Quick Launch bar, which by default shows shortcuts for opening Microsoft Internet Explorer and for displaying your desktop. Other programs might add a shortcut to the Quick Launch bar, too.

To start a program, just click the shortcut


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  2 Responses to “Display the Quick Launch bar in XP”

  1. I love Quick Launch too, as well as Address Bar. However, after installing XP SP3, I have to set them up each time I login. I’ve tried various setting in the Registry but everytime I get a new Explorer shell (usually on boot), the taskbar is blank and I have to add the stuff back in.

  2. I am a different Don, but I have the same problem on XP SP3. I am automating a build process and searching for a way to have quick launch turned on by default.

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