Feb 162008

when you click on administrative tools you may see completely empty this tutorial will explain how to fix this problem
For Windows XP Users

You need to download this .reg file after that right click on .reg file select merge thanks to kelly korner for this


As far as Administrative tools you may need reinstall them using the Windows XP CD.

For windows 2003 Users

The other option is to copy the shortcuts from another server into the all users / administrative section under that start menu (documents and settings, all users, start menu, admin tools)


The first is just to reinstall the adminpack from windows\system32\adminpak.msi. That will put the icons back.

The other thing that you can do is just run


from windows\system32 – normally you can just run it from the start > run box

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  6 Responses to “Fix for Administrative Tools folder is empty in XP/2003”

  1. Thanks for the support provided. Just the ticket I needed.

  2. Thanks a lot it workssssssss……….

  3. Thanks im very greatful

  4. Installing adminpack.msi was the exact solution…Thanks a lot

  5. can not read need this info

  6. Hi team,

    This is very useful one. I tried the same as per the instructions, it worked. :)


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