Feb 042008

If you want to share files from a XP computer but you want to remove it from showing up in the Network Neighborhood, follow the next steps

Click Start>Run type cmd click OK.

In the command prompt box type the following command

net config server /hidden:yes

If the command was executed successfully, you should see “The command completed successfully.”

you can verify with the following command

net config server

and check that the “Server hidden” status is Yes:

Now reboot your Computer and when Windows has restarted, you will no longer be able to see it when browsing the network. When you want to connect to a shared folder, you can map the drive using the following syntax from Windows Explorer


If you want to unhide your Computer, type the following at a command prompt and reboot

net config server /HIDDEN:NO

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  One Response to “Hide/Unhide XP Computer from Network Neighborhood”

  1. hey that net config server /hidden:yes OR no is a great little trick…

    Is there anything else that would hide a win2000 server…

    It acts as a proxy with wingate…it allows other computers to surf the internet…it acts as an IIS server for the internal intranet…it acts as a norton server and pushs to 100 clients…

    For this one computer…I cannot get it to un-hide on the network…it can see everyone else on the network and you can ping it…you just cannot see it on the network…
    Does IIS hide it somewhere else…

    even re-built from scratch…took out the computer account and dns record and re-joined to domain and even tried adding netbios over tcp/ip…you cannot even map to it…totally hidden

    Thanks and bye for now David…

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