Dec 062008

!–adsense–>If you go to Display Properties>>Desktop & want to change your own wallpaper in different folder, you need to browse & search the folder yourself. There's a way you can set the default folder other than My Pictures directory..

Steps to follow

1. Start Menu>>Run & type regedit, go to :


2. In right-side panel, you’ll see a string value “WallPaperDir“. Its default value will be:


You have to change it to your desired wallpaper

directory path. Suppose your wallpapers are stored in E:\Wallpapers directory, then set the value to E:\Wallpapers.

3. Exit registry editor and open Desktop Properties again. Now it’ll show all wallpapers present in the folder which you set in registry.


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  1. how to change wallpaper in windows 8 .. . . . .i love it . . .hhheheheheheheh teach me to how to change wallpaper in windows 8 please

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