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SATA hard drives have become more and more appreciated tending to substitute the IDE drives due to the increasing speed they offer. Motherboard manufacturers started to implement the new standard years ago, when the technology was young and expensive. Now, as the SATA HDD prices have lowered to a level where anybody can afford to choose a SATA enabled HDD instead of an IDE one, a great migration has been observed among the common computer users.

They choose to install Windows and applications on SATA drives because they provide more speed which determines the system to run smoother. Thus, for those owning older main boards with SATA support an extra step is required while attempting to install Windows XP. Windows XP does not provide drivers for all the SATA controllers, therefore, during the installation procedure, the user must insert a floppy with the drivers that came in the package along with the motherboard.

As we know, Microsoft stopped Windows XP selling product to new computer purchasing in order to overcoming Windows Vista. On recent days, new computers or notebook s product which has the requirement hardware are now capable to use it. It will run, but slow (a very to me). To make it double faster running OS, try to using Windows XP.

Guide :

First of all, get the SATA driver manufactured from your hardware factory website (Acer link) & download nLite to create a custom Windows XP installer (note that you need .NET Framework 2.0 available from Microsoft download site before running the nLite). Next, from nLite application, browse to the Windows XP CD installer (I’m not responsible to any legally use of Windows XP installer) & let it cached to a specified path:

Then, press Drivers & Bootable ISO button to inserting the SATA drivers & continue to create an ISO image to burn in a CD:

Clicking on Next button, you will be prompted to inserting from the source disk of SATA drivers software:Insert the source disk contain SATA driver files:

Finally, confirmed with YES button to continue to burning the ISO image:After it finished, let it try to boot from this bootable CD to your computer or notebook.


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  5 Responses to “How to Install XP on SATA HDD Laptop Without Floppy Drive”

  1. good stuff

  2. Very good, it works and thanks a lot!

  3. Hi ! I did what you said. I`ve burned the iso file to a CD with ISO. I try it on my laptop Amilo 3525 and nothnig happens. I try the CD on my home PC and it starts the instalation. Any ideas why it won`t on my laptop ?

  4. how do we know which SATA driver to use?


    The new mainboards may not have a floppy port, but they do have an IDE port to support a CD/DVD. Get an old IDE drive and install XP on it. Do SP1 and SP2 and install everything necessary on the CD that came with your main board, including SATA drivers. Then attach a SATA drive (you can do it hot) and you will get NEW HARDWARE FOUND. If you installed the drivers correctly, it will say that your new hardware is ready to use. If not, it will ask for the drivers.

    Then use Acronis or any other good cloning software to clone the IDE drive to a SATA drive. Now your SATA drivers are installed. Don’t forget to change the boot order in the BIOS and reset the slave/master jumper on the CD/DVD.

    Acronis is flawless. Its free on a torrent download. Its also free from Western Digital. But that version must see at least one WD drive to run.

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