Feb 292008

There is a process running on one of the XP Pro computers on my network that is causing havoc.How can I kill a process on a remote machine without having to install some software.
Follow this procedure in your XP machine to kill Remote machine process

Open a command prompt and type the following command click ok

tasklist /s remotemachine

If you want to get the name of the process or the PID you want to kill (if you don’t know it yet), then use the following command click ok

taskkill /s remotemachine /im processname

(or taskkill /s remotemachine /pid processPID if you want to kill “per PID”)

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  3 Responses to “How to Kill process on Remote machine in XP”

  1. I am also tried to open outlook.exe process in remote machine. But i am not getting it. It works well in localsystem. Any one can solve my issue…..

  2. You may also want to mention that you may have to pass username and password (-u and -p).

  3. really, thank so much, I had finded which i need finded ! Good lucky

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