Jan 182008

Secunia Personal Security Inspector (PSI) is a great tool for Windows Operating Systems (Windows 2003,Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows SP4 )to assess the installed applications on your system for patch status of installed applications and audits the applications for insecured versions and End Of life status.

While Secunia PSI is not a replacement to a Antivirus, Firewall or a malware protection software, it does lend a great deal of help in auditing the applications installed on the system and to report Insecure, End Of Life applications.

Secunia PSI is very easy to use and the user does not have to be an IT expert and anyone (even a novice user) canuse the application without any trouble. Secunia PSI checks the files on the system and looks into the Meta-data of the applications found in EXE, DLL and OCX files. This is then sent to the Secunia PSI server where it is compared against the signatures on the server and reported back to the user in a nice friendly way.

Secunia PSI scan Secunia PSI Dashboard report buy viagra online

tions”>Secunia PSI Patched Applications

When reporting an Insecure / End Of life applications, it also provides a direct download link to the latest patch/fix or newer version of the application. Secunia PSI has an option to hide applications that are not easy to patch but personally I wouldn't recommend to enable the option.

Secunia PSI Insecure Applications Secunia PSI end of life applications Secunia PSI Settings 

The overview is a dashboard with a nice pie chart and short summary of the system status and history on a graph.

Secunia also a network edition for corporates and can request for an evaluation.

Secunia PSI can be downloaded from Secunia website


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