Jan 212008

As many people already know, the most supportive application for playing media ( Video ) files on your computer in VLC Player. The problem is that it doesn’t always work correctly on Windows Vista.

The application in itself is not the most high-end eye candy on the market, but for support of media files, no other player comes close. VLC Player contains the codecs required to play a host of Media formats.

Vista, as the new OS, has many problems with application compatibility, and VLC is no exception. Most people will find that VLC has issue in terms of video output. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

Open VLC player

Click Settings—> Preferences

Expand the “Video menu”

Highlight “Output Modules” ( by Clicking on it )

Located bottom right of the window, click “Advanced Options”

Under “Video OutPut Module” Select either one of the following options ( If one fails, try the other )
DirectX Video OutPut
Windows GDI Video OutPut

Note that Default is usually the best option, so this is only to be changed if you have problems.

If these fail, you can try Dummy Video OutPut Function, or even one of the others.

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